Week 8 Trade Talks

October 22, 2019

Knowing when to sell high or buy low is key to winning a fantasy football championship.  Value is fluid and if you can keep your finger on it, you can get rid of players just in time, or even buy a top 10 stud on the cheap.  It takes a little luck, some knowledge, and some guts to make these decisions and target potential league winners. I've compiled a list of 5 players to trade for, and 5 players to trade away to help you out.  Enjoy and go win your league!


Trade For



Nick Chubb(CLE)-  So you might be thinking to sell Chubb since Hunt is on his way back from suspension...well I'm thinking to go out and buy some Chubb.  Hunt hasn't played an actual NFL game in about a year, recently had hernia surgery, and is in a new offensive scheme all while being on a short term contract.  Sure Hunt will get some touches, but Chubb is the guy here. Chubb owners may be panicking, so capitalize on their mistake and grab some Chubb. 



Davante Adams(GB)-  Adams owners are most likely doing pretty poor this season having spent their first-rounder on him.  They are growing impatient and looking for some help NOW. Adams is a stud receiver and his price is way low right now.  Get Adams at a discount before it's too late.







Evan Engram(NYG)-  It may be worth trying to snag Engram after a missed game and a poor outing.  His value isn't super low but his owners may be starting to get antsy. He's a top tier tight end and this offense is about to get real good real quick.  







Alvin Kamara(NO)-  Kamara has been slightly underwhelming thus far.  He is also dealing with an ankle issue. His value will never be lower than it is right now.  Try to pry him away from his owner now while he is at a discount. Brees is about to come back and everything is about to get better for Kamara owners.






Robert Woods(LAR)-  Woods isn't having a great start, but he has been serviceable.  He is still heavily targeted on an offense that seems to be gaining some traction.  You'll be able to grab Woods for a pretty low price right now, so get on it before he really gets going.






Trade Away



Patriot's Defense(NE)-  The Patriot's defense is off to a historic start.  They have had one of the softest schedules that I have seen in years.  Well, that schedule is about to get quite a bit more difficult in the coming weeks.  You could very well flip this defense for a solid RB2/WR2 to a casual fantasy owner. You could even pair them with an RB2/WR2 and try to upgrade at RB or WR.  Regardless, take advantage of this hot start and bolster your depth.



Aaron Rodgers(GB)-  Rodgers just had himself a day.  He threw for 5 touchdowns and ran one in himself.  Don't be fooled, this is still a run-first offense.  This performance paired with name brand value could land you a nice upgrade at a skill position.  







James Conner(PIT)-  Conner has had a nice couple of weeks after a slow start.  Even as a Steeler's fan myself, I'm not sold on him. Teams are going to start selling out to stop the run and make Rudolph throw the ball downfield.  Pair that with the fact that he is injury prone, I'd be selling high on Conner.  






Mark Ingram(BAL)-  This may come as a surprise to some of you, but Ingram is only on the field for about 50% of the offensive snaps that Baltimore has.  He has been pretty efficient so far, but the lower snap count is starting to rear its ugly head. I would be pairing Ingram with another piece and be trying to get a top 10 RB while his value is still somewhat high.





Stefon Diggs(MIN)-  Diggs has had a nice stretch of games here lately.  That doesn't change the fact that he is wildly inconsistent.  He is also on a run-heavy offense with an erratic quarterback.  Diggs value is at its highest right now, so sell sell sell.  







There's the list, now get to work!  Be sure to check out the show and our other great articles.  We have some pretty savvy people putting out content right now, so get a leg up on your league mates and follow us closely!  Thanks for reading.


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