Week 5 Trade Talks (Buy/Sell)

October 7, 2019


You should never feel like giving up. You put in the time to research the players before the draft. You felt that you made the right choices every time it was your turn during the draft. Your strategy was flawless. You picked what made your team stronger. The right choice. 


And then dumb luck comes in and screws it all up (Not taking about Andrew).


Well, guess what? Luck has always been and always will be a part of the game we watch and play. Sometimes the ball just doesn't bounce your way. It's ok because this week we're going to take dives if the deep end and trade some big names and if they're on your team that's struggling, you're going to cash in. 


Trade Tip: Don't be afraid to trade your top performers. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to give yourself a new life. 





Christian McCaffrey, RB, Panthers


CMC is the RB everyone wants to own. He's getting all the work you could want an RB to get. And you never want to trade that away. 


Except if you aren't doing so well. 


And even then, you still don't want to trade him but let's look at this from another perspective that'll make you feel a little better about trading him. 


I don't want to put bad Juju on anyone, but all the work that he's getting also puts him more at risk for getting hurt. I'm not saying that he's going to get hurt, but the fact is that in this game of luck, the more one handles the ball, the more chances they have at getting hurt also. 



Miles Sanders, RB, Eagles


48, 43, 34, 35. Those are his snap percentages for the first for weeks. He hasn't gone over 13 carries but also hasn't gone under 10, and his involvement in the passing game is inconsistent. 


He'll probably have some nice games as the season turns, but they aren't going to be predictable. The only way that happens is if Howard gets hurt. 


Sproles's involvement has diminished, but we can't count him out yet completely. 


If you're going to trade him, sell the point that he hasn't faded from the game plan. The Eagles look like they've made up their minds on having a backfield like New Englands. You'll never be able to tell who will get the more fantasy points consistently. 



Jarvis Landry, WR, Browns


8 receptions for 167 yards is more of what you want to see from Landry, but may not be what you'll get. At least not on a consistent basis. It was nice that it happened, but now that it did, it's time to let him go. But not for free obviously. 


It'll be a little tough to trade him because of the first three games he had to start the season (11 rec for 162 yards). Try to use the decreasing amount of looks that OBJ has been getting (11, 10, 9, 7 targets week 1-4) to sell him as the go-to guy for Mayfield. 



Ronald Jones II, RB, Buccaneers


The fact that his snap percentage has increased as Peyton Barber's has decreased is a good sign, but a sign I'm not willing to gamble on. At least not in an auto start kind of way. He may eventually keep the majority of looks, but if there is someone out there that likes him more, then I'm dangling him to see what I can get. 


There's a decent chance that you used a late-round pick or even picked him up from the waiver wire. Good for you if you did, but if you can get someone more consistent that you can trust in his place, then you should. 





Juju Smith-Schuster, WR, Steelers


1 TD in four games, and 15 receiving yards last week. Juju owners are probably a little mad right now that he hasn't put up the big numbers they thought they were going to get when Antonio Brown left town. And with those numbers, now may be the time to strike. 


Juju is an awesome talent. There is no telling right now how consistent he can be without Mason Rudolph, but if you're one of those teams that are looking to trade away top talent on your team for depth, you might want to strike while the iron is hot. 



Damien Williams, RB, Chiefs


This is going to be you just doing your due diligence. The Williams owner probably had him stashed away during his injury, but Darrel Williams' play and McCoy's ability to still carry the load that he does, may start to loosen that grip the owner has. 


Check to see if you can get Damien at a discount. If the owner took a hit during the injury, he may be desperate could more easily let go of Damien. 



Kenyan Drake, RB, Dolphins


Drake is only here as a depth move for some of you that are trying to trade for depth. 


It looks like he's the RB they're committing to as long as he's not delt. None of the other RBs have gotten the work he's been seeing recently (17 targets total the last 3 weeks). The team is pretty bad so I wouldn't be expecting many TDs, but as a depth piece, it makes sense to add an RB that's not going to cost you much. The fact that he's on a bye this week could also help persuade the owner to trade him. 



Adam Thielen, WR, Vikings


They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil, but which one is the squeaky wheel? Diggs or Thielen? With the rumors about Diggs wanting a trade-in full affect, and about how unhappy he is with the Vikings, Thielen is looking like a hot commodity. 


If Diggs has rubbed people the wrong way and has actually requested a trade, then we can legitimately question his efforts during games. 


It's not Thielen has done nothing to garner some attention either. He did call out Cousins for being unable to hit guys deep.



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