Week 4 Trade Talks (Buy/Sell)

September 27, 2019


With week 3 in the books, we need to start to realize that some things may actually be what they look like. For example, many people thought OBJ was going to kill it in Cleveland but he only has 1 TD in 3 games and the offense doesn't look as smooth as people thought it would. That's not to say that he should be traded, but that things aren't what we may have wanted them to be, and we should realize that things are shaping out before our very eyes.


There were so many questions coming into this season that are starting to get answered. Was David Montgomery going to become the bell cow for the Bears? How was OBJ going to look like with Baker Mayfield? Antonio Brown? Is Gurley still going to dominate? We need to see what answers, even if cloudy, are still answers and we should begin to notice before it's too late. 


Trade Tip: If you have a player that has a high ceiling but has a low flow, trade him when the hype is hot. Don't buy into guys that get hot for 2 weeks but have a history of performing like a roller coaster for fantasy. Try and trade them to desperate teams to make your team better and more stable. 






John Brown, WR, Buffalo


Brown was always a gamble coming into the season. One didn't know if Josh Allen was going to be accurate enough to trust Brown on a weekly basis.


We see now that he hasn't played in less than 79% of plays and seems to be getting plenty of looks from Allen. He's had 10, 8 and 5 targets. The 5 target week coming this past week. And that's why he's here. 


Brown was never supposed to be a top 12 WR. But Brown being dependable was the big question coming into the season and now we see that he can be. 


When you're in trade talks with the owner, try and talk him down by saying that this 5 target week is Brown coming back down to earth and that Dawson Know is going to take targets away from him. He'll make a great flex play for you with WR1 and 2 weeks a possibility. 



Le'Veon Bell, RB, New York Jets


A bye week coming up and an offense that hasn't gotten going. That's what you have to work with. Mention that Adam Gase is a bad coach and doesn't know what he's doing when trying to get Bell. 


Darnold will be back and Bell will be fine. He won't be Steelers' Bell fine, but that's what everyone was wondering coming into the season. 


What have we found out? That he's been in 100% of snaps in two games and 90% in the other. His usage is great, but he won't be the Bell of old and that's fine. What you're getting is an RB who's going to see plenty of work on the ground and through the air. 


Hopefully, the owner feels like he's in desperate need of a win, and is willing to trade for depth to try and win in week 4, while you get smart and stash Bell for a week. 



DJ Moore, WR, Carolina


Moore's week was saved by the big TD catch and run. But what was more surprising were his 2 targets. He also played in only 73% of snaps after playing in 94% and 95% of plays the first two weeks. 


Kyle Allen looked like he had a pretty good handle of the offense and should be trusted to get Moore the ball going forward for however long Cam will be out. That's what shouldn't scare you off about owning him. But Cam coming back is why you should try and trade for him. 


Cam may not throw for a ton of yards but owning Moore with Cam at the helm feels more comfortable. 


If the owner is worried about the targets and the decrease in snaps, try and pull Moore away from them. 



DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Houston


This is going to be a tough one, but two weeks of so-so productions from what was definitely someone's 1st round draft pick may be enough to make the owner feel a little shaky about Hopkins going forward. 


He hasn't seen less than 94% of snaps. He's arguably the best WR in the NFL. And has gotten more than 7 targets in all 3 games. 


He may be a reach to try and trade for but you are not doing yourself any favors if you don't at least try to see how the owner is feeling about him with his production so far. 



George Kittle, TE, San Francisco


There's a good chance George Kittle was the first TE taken in your draft. There's also a good chance the owner has been disappointed in what they've gotten from Kittle. 


Check and see if the owner has made moves to grab another TE off the waiver wire. If they have, that may be a sign that they are a little uneasy about Kittle and maybe a little flexible when trading him. 


Kittle is still an elite TE and shouldn't be traded, but if you have the depth, go get him. 






DJ Chark, WR, Jacksonville


Chark is one heck of a surprise this season. A TD in each week so far. That's pretty good. But just like we didn't see this coming, we can't count on it continuing. 


The stash that is Minshew has been admirable in the absence of Foles, and maybe they stay with Minshew if he keeps the Jags competitive, but we don't know. We also haven't seen Chark do this before and we don't know if Minshew can keep Chark relevant. 


There's a good chance you nabbed him from the waiver wire so trading up to someone that has a history of being more stable should leave you feeling more comfortable about your lineup. 



Marquez Valdes-Scantling, WR, Green Bay


MVS is not a bad player, but his production is too sweet and sour for my taste. You probably have him in your flex position anyway so you're not leaning on his production too much and can handle trading him. 


The reason you trade him now is the 10 targets he got last week. Talk him up reminding other owners of the fact that Rodgers is one of the best QBs in the league. 


He's going to have a better season than he had last year but his season will still be a roller coaster. 



Josh Jacobs, RB, Oakland


He is definitely talented and should keep seeing work throughout the season and should be owned. Just not by you. 


The Raiders are still not that good. Or are still bad. If you look at their schedule, you can see them fighting from behind in many of the games and Jacobs hasn't seen much work in the passing game. 


They can try to involve him more in the passing game, but that's a chance I'll let someone else take. 


If you drafted him early try and get yourself some depth. 



Miles Sanders, RB, Philadelphia


Another rookie RB that has an unclear path when trying to figure a fantasy outlook. His snap percentage has been 48, 43, and 34 last week when he had his most productive week. 


It's like the Eagles have taken a page out of the Patriots game plan and will leave you guessing as to who will be used the most. Howard and Sproles's usage was also in the 30% range last week too. 


Sanders seems to be the most talented RB but it'll be a headache when you start him and see a bench player score more or when he's on your bench going off in a game. 


If you can't trade him for depth, try and get someone with more consistency.


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