Week 3 Trade Talks (Buy/Sell)

September 19, 2019


"Week two

 Week two

 What did I do to you?


 I put Rojo in 

 Turns out it's a sin

 What must I do for a win.


 OJ Howard did me dirty

 So I flipped him the birdie

 Good Lord, I want to give him a swirly 


 Here comes week 3

 Hope it ends with a glee

 Where I celebrate a VICTORY!"


Enough of this crap. Let's get into some week 3 trade talk, shall we? 





Mike Williams, WR, L.A. Chargers


In these 2 weeks, he's only been in for around 60% of the snaps, which is not terrible, but he had an opportunity to put up numbers last year and was saved by his 10 TDs. And if there's one thing you can't count on in fantasy, is consistent touchdown production. 


If he's your WR3/Flex option, try to package him for an upgrade elsewhere on your roster. 



Kerryon Johnson, RB, Detroit


I would love to have Kerryon on any of my teams. But there are a couple of things that would always be in the back of my mind. 


First, he gets banged up. In college, he got banged up and last year he got banged up. I wouldn't say injury prone yet. Just simply, banged up. There's a difference.


Second, the release of C.J. Anderson doesn't mean they want to give more work to Kerryon, but that they want to give more work to Ty Johnson. This may work out for Kerryon's longevity but I wonder if Ty would come in on goal-line situations, or passing downs, taking away from Kerryon's pass-catching value. They may even want more of an even split between the both of them. 



Jarvis Landry, WR, Cleveland


With Njoku out for a couple of weeks, Landry may see an uptick in looks. Use that to hype up Landry in a trade. Njoku will be back and it'll be difficult to predict where the targets will go.


Landry has been unreliable and his season will likely be like a roller coaster. If you don't want to deal with that, use the time that Njoku will be out as a boost in hyping Landry. 



James Connor, RB, Pittsburgh


Without Big Ben, there's no telling how well this offense will run. It was already struggling a bit and with Mason Rudolph under center one may guess that the team will focus on running the ball a little more. But then again, I'm sure defenses are thinking the same thing. 


It's all up in the air right now, but if you're worried about how he's started the season and aren't sure if you feel comfortable holding on to him, do your best to try and package him with a depth piece to upgrade at the position. Or maybe trade him for depth pieces if your team could use more depth. 





Corey Davis, WR, Tennessee


There is nothing special here folks. Just taking a chance on the starting receiver. Yeah, the team likes to focus on the run. Yeah, there are more players that take targets away. And yeah Mariota isn't a prolific QB. The reason he's here is just because he may be pretty cheap if he's not a free agent. 


Sometimes things just don't start out the way you want them to at the beginning of the season. He's been in for 74% and 83% of the snaps in the first 2 games so it's not like he's not seeing the field. If you're trading for depth, he's a risky grab, he's also pretty cheap. 



Joe Mixon, RB, Cincinnati


Here you'll just have to play mind games. Anyone who drafted Mixon won't want to trade him for less, owners are probably getting desperate if they own him and are 0-2. 


Try to get some conversation going in your league about how bad the Bengals run game has been to get a reaction about how the Mixon owner feels about him. 


Mixon should be fine and should start producing like he's supposed to. If you have depth to get trade talk started with the owner you should try to snag him. 



Melvin Gordon, RB, L.A. Chargers


I'm in on believing that Gordon will return this year. It was reported that he'd be back by midseason. Locate him in your league and check to see if he's on a team that's not doing so good. 


Take advantage of that and try to snatch him up. If your team can support the loss of depth and you think that you can keep competing at a high level while you wait for him, then you're good to go. 


Even if Austin Ekeler looks good, the team will probably at worst split time between both and it's not like Gordon can't catch. He'll still be used often. 



Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans


Like James Connor, Kamara has lost his star QB. However, unlike Connor, Kamara will get his back. 


Try and shimmy away Kamara from his owner if you can. Kamara should be just fine, but for the upcoming weeks, no one's sure of how the offense will run with Bridgewater at the helm. If the owner is worried about Kamara's production over the next couple of weeks, trade your depth for him. 


One may even gamble on free agency to cover depth pieces you trade for him. 



Michael Thomas, WR, New Orleans 


Same as Kamara. 


He should still be peppered with targets but if his efficiency is off, he should be better when Brees comes back.




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