Free Agent Guess-tinations (WR and TE)

March 3, 2019


Take a good look at backfields in the NFL.


There aren't a whole lot of landing spots where there is also plenty of opportunities.


Now, look at receiving corps around the NFL.


There are very few teams that are good-to-go all around in their receiving corps.


Without rumors, it's going to be tough to guess where players are going to land because of all the options of teams and talent, not only in free agency but also in the draft. Some teams may wait to draft a couple of players instead of signing free agents.


But there is no denying that demand is high. So let's get started.


Kevin White and Tavon Austin - Patriots



The Bears have obviously faded on White after drafting him in 2015 with the 7th overall pick. He hasn't been able to stay healthy and when he was healthy last year, he wasn't really targeted and was used for blocking.


Being the 8th overall pick in 2013 will be enough for the Patriots to gives Austin a chance to see if they can be the ones to figure out how to use him.


I have them going to the Patriots because it seems like a Patriots thing to do to get WRs that haven't been producing and get the best out of them.


The Patriots have $14 million in cap space according to and they're always brilliant in how they spend it, which brings me to believe they'll be able to bring in more than just White and Austin. But if there are a team and a place where they can resurrect their careers, it will be with the New England Patriots.


John Brown - Chargers



Rivers has his athletic big man in Mike Williams. He has his possession guy in Keenan Allen. He has his receiving TE in Hunter Henry. A RB who can catch in Melvin Gordon. Deep threat Tyrell Williams is a free agent and Travis Benjamin can be cut to save the team just over $4 Million in cap space.


The Chargers have $25 Million in cap space, so they can afford to keep Benjamin and sign Brown, who has a market value of $6 Million ( if they are worried about the health of Brown.


Singing Brown will give Rivers that perfect check down/slot receiver who can do more. I know having Henry and Gordon are good at being check guys but with Henry being the good TE we all expect him to be, I would think the Chargers would want to take advantage of mismatches with him and get him in on plays more than 5 yards past the line of scrimmage.


Signing Brown, who won't cost much, will allow them to work on the offensive line that needs attention in free agency and the draft.


Robby Anderson - Jets



$102 Million ( doesn't mean you go spending it like your trying to buy a championship this offseason. What the Jets should be doing is using the money to help the growth of Sam Darnold. Re-signing him gives Darnold a guy he has a years worth of chemistry with.


The Jets would also know best about any of his character issues, giving them the insight into putting language in a contract that protects the team and their money from anything that may come up.


They more than likely will be drafting a couple of talented players to put around Darnold, but this will allow them more flexibility in the draft at the position so they won't feel like they have to pull the trigger early on a player.


I know they've now put a second-round tender on him but it's still not set in stone that he's staying and they should get it done.


Golden Tate - Colts



When Golden Tate he wouldn't mind teaming up with Brady I'm sure plenty of people thought that it would be a perfect landing spot. I thought that too...except, Tate's market value is at $10 Million and the Patriots have $14 Million in cap room. The pay cut would have to be significant. The other reason I don't see that happening is that I see the Patriots using some of that cap space to bring in multiple weapons to try and help Brady. Signing Tate without getting him for dirt cheap would handicap them in that attempt.


I have him going to the Colts because of the cap room they have ($102 Million according to, and the fit.


The Colts would have 2 capable TEs in Eric Ebron and Jack Doyle, a WR1 and deep threat in T.Y. Hilton, and a pass-catching back in Nyheim Hines. Signing Tate gives them a versatile WR who can play the slot and the outside, giving them a chance to draft any WR and to also evaluate the talent they already have on the team while also giving Andrew Luck a seasoned but still capable veteran.


Tyrell Williams and Tyler Eifert - Texans



So they go and get Le'Veon Bell, Sign Williams to help out at WR and as insurance for Will Fuller if he can't stay healthy, Sign Eifert with some injury language in the contract to protect the team and you have DeAndre Hopkins and you have an offense that can move the ball downfield that will have to keep the defense honest. Doing this also gives Deshaun Watson help as a passer and may open up holes for him as a runner when he decides to take off.


Signing these 2 (and Bell) will cost a pretty penny but it won't break the bank. The Texans will still have enough to sign some help where it's needed on the offensive line and draft some help there too. And maybe still sign Clowney.


The Texans have $75 Million in cap space. I think they can get it done. This also shows Watson that the team is invested in building around him and this may bring the price down when the time comes to re-sign him.


Adam Humphries and Austin-Seferian Jenkins - Cowboys



Humphries should be a perfect replacement for Cole Beasley. Dak Prescott loved Beasley as a security blanket, assuring Humphries will get his work.


ASJ makes sense to me because they could use him and Jason Witten in 2 TE sets and could be in there to help block for Zeke.


The focal point for this offense, in my opinion, won't change much. It will revolve around getting Zeke going on the ground, and having enough options in the passing game for Dak to pick up chunks of yards when he has too.


Re-signing Amari Cooper is important too, but this offense is meant to keep the opponent's offense off the field. If they sign these two, they can focus on defense in the draft for needs on that side of the ball.


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