Week 15 Starts & Sits

December 16, 2018


Congrats to all that ended up making it to the semi finals or championship round of your playoffs.


I have no story to tell you to get you in the mood to listen. I have no perfect words to say to bring you to believe that I'm right about my choices below.


My only hope is that the choices you all make, are the choices that give you the best chance to win.





Chris Godwin, WR, Bucs


It felt like everyone was going by a rule that if D-Jax is out, play Godwin. Last week may have made you second guess that with his 1 catch but he had 10 targets. The Ravens may have a good defense, but they may enter this game with an injured secondary. Look to see Godwin get peppered with targets again.




Josh Allen, QB, Bills


Not much here that needs to be said. If you got him, play him. The Lions may have trouble moving the ball down field with injuries to the offense, giving the Bills defense opportunities to force 3 and outs, giving Allen more chances to run the ball.





Vernon Davis, TE, Redskins


This one here isn't too hard to see. Reed is out, and Davis has played well enough to be the check down guy for Josh Johnson. Chris Thompson is expected to play but was sick and also hasn't played well since coming back from his injury.









Any Ravens RB


If you're putting a Ravens RB in because you have no one else, that's understandable. But the upside feels more certain if you knew which RB would get the touches. If you have someone on your bench that has a higher floor and feel like you could win with that, I would.




Kenny Golladay, WR, Lions


Most people have that have him on their roster have to start him, but don't be surprised if he underperforms. There's no one else the defense has to cover, giving Golladay the double team all day. Stafford isn't healthy either, and the Lions best RB is out again. He may have a good day because he should get a ton of looks, but time of possession will more than likely be controlled by the Bills.


Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers


It has been a long week for the Bears as they have been kicking their chops at a chance to redeem themselves from that week 1 loss. As a Bears fan, being from Chicago, this may sound bias, but this is more of a gut feeling. It's all in the air here. It's a feeling all over the city. A feeling that the Bears want to hurt Rodger. This can end with a big pie in the face, but like I said, this is a gut feeling. Bryan Bulaga is also out.



Evan Engram, TE, Giants


The only team to really do damage against the Titans at the TE position was the Eagles. But Zach Ertz is a focal point of that offense. Most of the other teams the Titans have faced didn't really have an offense that focused on the TE. With no OBJ this week, Engram may get a good amount of targets, but Saquon is Eli's favorite check down target. If you're playing Engram, you're hoping for a couple big plays.



Jeff Wilson Jr., RB, 49ers


With Breida suiting up, Wilson may have limited touches. Play him if you have to, but if this isn't just a distraction tactic, I wouldn't expect much from him.








Alshon Jeffery, WR, Eagles


Without Wentz, in L.A., with Foles at QB, against a Rams team who just lost a game to the Bears, and are fully healthy...I'd try to find someone with some high upside.





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