My Ideal Draft

August 23, 2018

I find myself taking a different strategy than most other fantasy players in my drafts. I am a huge fan of dynasty and it really translates to my Redraft teams annually. I will give you an overview of my drafts along with a mock based on some picks I would make based on rounds 1-4, 5-9, and 10-14.


Settings PPR 12 teams

(1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 2 FLEX 6 bench)

Based on FFC ADP

Pick 6


Early rounds (1-4)

Because I love dynasty so much I generally am a WR nut when it comes to drafting, so in previous years I would come out of drafts with 3 WRs and a TE in the first 4 rounds. You can still win using any strategy but it puts a huge emphasis on hitting on lower end RBs in your draft, which can be hard. So my way of combating that is drafting a top tier running back to secure some production at the Running Back. So now my drafts come out with 1 RB, 2-3 WRs, 0-1 TEs. I love the TE early strategy because it gives you WR 1-2 production at the TE position where people can get lucky to get 6 points in a week.


1)Antonio Brown

Brown is my number 1 receiver and is the safest option in the first round based on injury risk and past production. You can't win your draft in the first round, but you can lose it.


2)Joe Mixon

If I didn't draft a safer option in the first round I wouldn't take as big of risk on an unproven player. Mixon is my 14th ranked RB and the last one I am comfortable with as my RB 1 in all formats. He is a player with RB 1 overall upside and he trimed extra weight in the offseason that should help him even more for this year.


3)Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs is the WR 1 in the Vikings offense. With better QB play set to take place in Minnesota I love Diggs upside and floor combination for the years to come. The last two years on a PPG basis he ranked WR 13 and he is an elite athlete. Diggs is a huge target of mine in all drafts.


4)Allen Robinson

The real Allen Robinson show is going to start next year as he grows with his offense, but I expect solid WR 2 production this year with upside towards the end of the year.


Middle Rounds (5-8)

My least favorite part of any draft is the Mid-Rounds by a large margin. It's full of upside guys without much of a track record as well as veterans sliding down the draft board. In leagues that trade draft picks I generally try to trade up for an extra pick in the early rounds and gain later picks while doing so. Example would be me trading round 6 and 7 draft picks for a round 4 pick. That gives me a better chance to get the guys I want. But because this would leave me with 1 less pick I make a trade for more late round picks. Something like my 8th round pick for a 10th and 11th.


5)Corey Davis

I’m a little concerned that Davis is a “soft” player, most videos I see are of Butler shutting Davis down. But he is an elite athlete and if he shows the aggressiveness that he played with in the playoffs, I think he can be a top fantasy option.


6)Kerryon Johnson

Johnson’s value is down compared to other rookie RBs because of his backfields uncertainty. But he is the most talented 3 down back in Detroit.


7)Isaiah Crowell

8)Duke Johnson

The next two picks are Consistent RBs who can fill in until Kerryon takes the backfield for his own. Crowell has the starting roll to himself and he is a very talented player. Duke has the PPR floor.


Late Rounds (9-14)

By far my favorite part of the draft is the late rounds. This is where I think that most value in drafts come because it is a low investment in the players drafted. This is where you can hit on alot of Rookies and take shots on players who don't have clear defined rolls but are talented. My strategy going into all my leagues (including dynasty) I use two bench spots as rotating roster spots. This will always give me flexibility if needed for extra defense/k or just to stream. I love this because if I ever feel like those two players become established i can trade a 2 for 1 package and get a better player on my team and return back to the 2 rotational spots.


9)Nelson Agholor

If I had to say who “my guy” is, it would be Nelson Agholor.

3rd year Breakout - Check

1st round pick - Check

5-Star prospect - Check

Elite athlete - Check

Elite QB - Check

As well as Alshon Jeffery’s injury risk could leave him as the number one WR in the offense.

Love Agholor


10)George Kittle

I firmly believe that the 49ers are a year away from competing for the division title. That mean that they will have to keep passing and I think that Kittle is the perfect player for Garoppolo to grow with.


 11)Anthony Miller

He is a good player who has essentially locked down the slot in what’s supposed to be a good andy reed style offense. Like it as an upside shot. 1st rotational Player for this team.


12)Peyton Barber

Introducing the number one RB in Tampa bay (@me if you want). RoJo is not Jamaal Charles and from what I have been told he isn’t a hard worker. Barber cut his weight to 220-225 and should be set as the RB 1 in the offense. I’ll take him with my last non-QB pick.


13)Tyrod Taylor

I love Tyrod as my starter to start the season, he has a good floor with his rushing upside. With the good floor and his great assortment of playmakers, sign me up.

 14)Jameis Winston

Just a backup. #2 of the rotational players for this team


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