5 Round Mock Draft PPR: Round 2



(2.01) Keenan Allen- I've heard some people say the only WR's they'd rather have over Keenan Allen are Antonio Brown and Deandre Hopkins. Honestly, that's not as wild of a statement as you might think. Last season Allen was a top 3 fantasy WR and I can see him finishing as a top 10 fantasy WR again in 2018. 



(2.02) Leonard Fournette- Well, so much for going the Zero RB route. After picking Julio Jones in the 1st round, the following two picks were the two WR's this team was targeting. Since I consider there to be a drop off (albeit a slight one) at the WR position, I'm going with Fournette here. I have him as the next best available RB and am content him with being my RB1.



(2.03) Melvin Gordon- I think this is right around the time someone is going to draft Barkley. After the top 14 players are off the board, you can nit-pick about each and every player available. That's when someone is going to pull the trigger on Barkley. However, if this were me, I'd go Gordon over Barkley. I know what Gordon brings to the table and there isn't much competition in San Diego for carries. Gordon is the high floor type of player I covet in the 2nd round.



(2.04) Mike Evans- At this point in the draft, someone looking for upside is going to take a shot on Mike Evans. Evans struggled mightily in 2017, there's no denying that. In 2016, Evans was the 3rd best fantasy WR. If the Bucs can figure it out and be a reasonably decent football team, Evans will bounce back and return to be a top 10 fantasy WR.



(2.05) Saquon Barkley- Man, this team’s 1-2 RB punch could be an absolute force. Personally, If I was ever going to consider drafting Saquon Barkley, I'd make sure I had already drafted a reliable RB beforehand. Why? If Barkley struggles, at least I have that other RB I can rely on. I feel that relying on Barkley to be your RB1 is a lot to hope for out of a rookie RB. Simple as that.


(2.06) Tyreek Hill- This team is going with the Zero RB approach by pairing Tyreek Hill with Deandre Hopkins. Hill was explosive in so many facets last season. His value as a Punt Returner can't be ignored in leagues that award points for Punt Return yards. I'm not too concerned about the QB change in Kansas City. If anything, I believe Patrick Mahomes can help Hill. Solid pick here for this squad.



(2.07) Mark Ingram- Now I'm Freeeeeeee. Freeee Fallin'. Tom Petty truly was a legend. Anyway, I believe most will look at this mock draft and be surprised at how much Ingram fell. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my initial reaction. Ingram set career highs across the board in 2017 and finished as the 6th best fantasy RB. My gut is telling me that he doesn't finish as a top 10 fantasy RB in 2018. As Ned Stark says, "Regression is Coming." Or something like that...

*Note this was written before Ingram's suspension was handed down.



(2.08) Jordan Howard- The Chicago Bears are a team that is going to steadily improve over the course of the next few seasons. It starts in 2018. They have a solid offensive core intact with Mitchell Trubisky, Howard, Tarik Cohen, Allen Robinson, Trey Burton. Chicago was 29th in the NFL with 16.5 PPG in 2017. My prediction - that number jumps to 22.0 PPG in 2018 and they finish in the middle of the pack in terms of PPG. Howard is entering his prime and I expect a solid year from him.



(2.09) Davante Adams- If I have an early 2nd round pick, Davante Adams will be on my short list of players to target and pull the trigger on. I've gone on record as saying that I believe Adams is in for a monster season and I'm sticking to that. If a team can get Adams at the end of the 2nd round, it's a steal through and through. At this point in this mock draft, this team now has two WR's that I believe will finish as top 5 fantasy WR's in 2018. Excellent start for this team.



(2.10) Christian McCaffrey- Opportunity and Situation. Those are the two key words to remember when analyzing Christian McCaffrey this summer. The current RB's on the Panthers depth chart are McCaffrey, Fozzy Whittaker, Cameron Artis-Payne. No offense to the two latter players, but they aren't exactly world beaters. Since Jonathan Stewart has moved on, McCaffrey has the opportunity to get more carries in 2018 and is in a situation where he doesn't have any legitimate RB's behind him on the depth chart. Because of those factors, I'm high on McCaffrey for this coming season. *Note this was written before the signing of C.J. Anderson.



(2.11) LeSean McCoy- The more I think about it, the more I think many fantasy owners are going to pass on LeSean McCoy this season. While I still think he'll be a 2nd round draft pick due to his role as the bell cow RB for the Bills, McCoy carries too much risk this season for me. He finished as a top 10 fantasy RB last season, but I don't see him repeating that in 2018.



(2.12) Dalvin Cook- At some point this offseason, I'm going to write an article about why all fantasy leagues should use the 3rd Round Reversal draft format. For now though, I'll say that there is still so much talent available in this draft. After going with Antonio Brown in the 1st round, this team now gets two high upside RB's in Dalvin Cook and Derrick Henry. It's so early and obviously you cannot win your league in the first 3 rounds, but this is one heck of a start for this squad.




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