My First PPR Rankings

January 30, 2018




I want to give an explanation on the way I completed my first fantasy rankings. Much more goes into rankings than I thought. It is not just opinion and putting players where you want them slotted at. For me, I used FantasyData and sorted all player by PPG (PPR). This was the backbone for my rankings because this incorporated most of the players who got injured throughout the year such as Deshaun Watson, Odell Beckham, and Dalvin Cook. It also separates players like Stefon Diggs who finished 13th in PPG and 19th overall in fantasy points based on the few games that he missed. After that, I took into account the age of players. Players that are younger trend up in production generally as they get older, and older players trend down later in their careers. This moved players like Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant down and players like Corey Davis and Joe Mixon up. I then used past years scoring leaders as a way to measure consistency of players. That is why I have Brady as the QB 1 not because I think he will be the overall QB 1, but because I know he is consistently inside the top 5 which means his likelihood of busting is almost nonexistent. It is also the reason that Wentz and Watson don't jump to the QB 1 and 2. It's not the ability. It is the fact that they have only shown their great skills for a small part of one season. I then took players that did not play in the season such as Allen Robinson and David Johnson and added them to the rankings where I saw fit based on prior seasons. The next big overhaul to my rankings will be NFL free agency and then he NFL draft. Thank YOU!!!


Feel Free to @ me on Twitter or Sleeperbot if you think that I forgot someone, or just talk about what you think of these rankings.

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