2017 ADP Year In Review Round 1-8

January 6, 2018


Round 1 - Picks 1-12

Round 1 of this year ended up being the round of injury, and disappointment. 3 players ended up either missing significant time, whether due to injury or suspension (Johnson, Beckham, and Elliot). And another 3 players massively disappointed through this round (Evans, Ajayi, Freeman). That's a 50% chance your first round pick missed.  But for the other players like Bell, Brown, Julio, etc, They did their job. It is frequently said that you can't win your league in the first round but you sure can lose it. If you made a good choice with your first round pick you chose one of the 6 players in the first round that produced, great. If you chose one of the 3 injured players, very unlucky. And if you chose one of the disappointments, there's always next year. This round is usually where you find your studs but this year made it hard because half of the first round picks were not usable for all or part of the season.


1st round MVP - Antonio Brown














1st Round LVP - Jay Ajayi

















Round 2 - Picks 13-24

The 2nd round of this year mixed older more proven players with newer players with higher upside, and in general the younger players out produces them. Players like Michael Thomas and Todd Gurley outperformed the Jordy's and DeMarco Murray's by a swift margin. Also the first QB by the name of Aaron Rodgers was taken, even though most savvy players of fantasy know that he would be taken early. That's just part of the game, and if others draft this way it opened up players like Cooks and Fournette for your team later in the round. Also the first TE, Gronk was taken and proved to be a great player on fantasy rosters. And toward the later part of the round Rookies such as Fournette and Hunt rose up and performed in the 2017 season. This round proved that new youth is taking over the fantasy landscape and that people's risks were generally rewarded.


2nd Round MVP - Todd Gurley














2nd Round LVP - Amari Cooper

















Round 3 - Picks 25-36

In the 3rd round of this draft is similar to the the 2nd round in that it was generally a mix of older proven players and younger higher more upside players. And also like the last round the younger players out performed the the older players by a wide margin. This round produced players like Hopkins, McCaffrey, and Hyde while the older non QBs fell flat on their face. Isaiah Crowell, Lynch, Lamar Miller all did not perform up to their ADP and their were clear signs last season of what was to come for these players. Also the GOAT, Brady was drafted in this round, and while this was a little too early he finished as the QB 3 overall which most likely did not tank your season.


3rd round MVP - DeAndre Hopkins














3rd round LVP - Isaiah Crowell

















Round 4 - Picks 37-48

To lead off this great round is the one and only Terrelle Pryor, maybe the biggest bust of the season, but overall this round may be have the highest hit rate of all the rounds. 8 of the 12 players in this round performed very close to their actual ADP, by way of their scoring rank for the 2017 season. Players like Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams vastly out produced their ADPs at the end of the round and helped many teams to the fantasy championship. This round blended high upside guys with players with higher floors and provided teams with the opportunity to choose what type of player went best with their team build.


4th round MVP - Travis Kelce













4th round LVP - Terrelle Pryor

















Round 5 - Picks  49-60

This round was a dreadful round based on ADP, at this point younger players were not performing to their ADP and Older players regressed back to where they have been in past years. 8 out of the 12 players in this round did worse than their ADP, 6 players were by more than 10 positional slots. Injury wiped players like Allen Robinson, Greg Olsen, and Jordan Reed out of their seasons but both Greg Olsen and Jordan Reed have both had past injury track records and continue to cause problems. Matt Ryan's ADP skyrocketed after his marvelous 2016 campaign but this year he fell back to his normal spot at around QB 10-16 for the season. Overall this round had many landmines to your fantasy season and hopefully you chose one of the few fantasy relevant players.


5th round MVP - Mark Ingram













5th Round LVP - DeVante Parker

















Round 6 - Picks 61-72

The 6th round for last years ADP featured many of the Hype Beasts from last year. Players like Darren McFadden and Derrick Henry were vastly out drafted for different reasons. The Zeke suspension made it seem like McFadden would be the workhorse till he was back but as we all know you can fight with the league on everything so this was a wasted pick. And like always people fell in love with Henry's size and speed and forgot he is still the backup in his offense. Also this was the round where the overall QB1 was drafted as Russell Wilson ended up being a huge steal in the 6th round of most drafts. From this round we can take note that some players that are hyped big time do not always preform.


6th round MVP - Russell Wilson














6th round LVP - Darren McFadden

















Round 7 - Picks 73-84

Round 7 of last years ADP featured many terrible players including one of the worst players of Paul Perkins who was hyped by almost every fantasy site. Only 3 of the players finished within 5 spots of their projection or out produced their projection. Those 3 were Cam Newton, Jarvis Landry, and the man who won't die in fantasy - Delanie Walker. But this was a round of landmines with players like Perkins, Bennett, and Terrance West who were all hyped to be big things this year. What we can all learn from this round is that some players stock in ADP can be overvalued based on the sway that some experts in fantasy have. Sometimes it is important to sell on your view on a player much like the stock market. Buy players low, and sell players high based on the market value of these players.


7th round MVP - Cam Newton














7th round LVP - Paul Perkins

















Round 8 - Picks 85-96

The 8th round of this years ADP consisted of veterans that performed very well. Gore, Ertz, Hogan, etc. They performed very well and also were very solid throughout the season with consistent floors. The players who did not perform well include Thomas Rawls and Eddie Lacy and this is because of the past idea Seattle offense was consistently good while not including the idea that they aren't actually very good, and Marshawn Lynch is very good. Kirk Cousins out performed his ADP by 4 spots and helped many teams to their championship. Overall the players taken in this round were taken as consistent players with high floors, and most of them returned their value by doing exactly that.


Round 8 MVP - Zach Ertz














Round 8 LVP - Thomas Rawls













*This is based on PPR ADP from Fantasy Data


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