2017 Target Report through Week 6

When you play Fantasy Football especially in PPR formats you always want the guys that are getting the ball.  You don’t want to be chasing the Touchdowns Week to Week.  See John Kuhn Week 10 (NO @SD) who went 5 yards for 2 TDs on 3 rush attempts and 7 yards on 3 targets for a TD in the air.  If you look at his chart topping fantasy points for the week blindly you are dumping Mark Ingram to the Waiver Wire and picking him straight up.  3 targets and 3 attempts in a “Monster Game” is the type of red flags we are looking out for here.

With the objective set, let’s break down the current target leaders and some of the more “???” teams in the league to see if we can make sense of the season so far through the first 6 weeks.


WRs Top 10 (Avg.)

  1. Antonio Brown – 12.3

  2. Jarvis Landry – 11.4

  3. DeAndre Hopkins – 10.8

  4. Larry Fitzgerald – 10.3

  5. Keenan Allen – 10.2

  6. A.J. Green – 10.2

  7. Dez Bryant – 9.6

  8. Mike Evans – 9.6

  9. Pierre Garcon – 9.3

  10. Demaryius Thomas – 8.8

TEs Top 10 (Avg.)

  1. Zach Ertz – 8.8

  2. Jason Witten – 7.6

  3. Travis Kelce – 7.3

  4. Evan Engram – 6.8

  5. Jimmy Graham – 6.8

  6. Rob Gronkowski – 6.7

  7. Delanie Walker – 6.5

  8. Cameron Brate – 6.0

  9. Martellus Bennett – 5.8

  10. Jared Cook – 5.7

RBs Top 10 (Avg.)

  1. Christian McCaffrey  - 8.3

  2. James White  - 7

  3. Andre Ellington  - 6.8

  4. Le'Veon Bell  - 6.5

  5. Melvin Gordon  - 6.5

  6. Alvin Kamara  - 6.4

  7. LeSean McCoy  - 6.4

  8. Duke Johnson  - 6

  9. Tarik Cohen  - 5.5

  10. Theo Riddick  - 5.5


So far you still see a lot of familiar faces and guys we expected leading the pack but there are a few guys that have jumped out.

Jarvis Landry – Following the preseason injury of Ryan Tannehill there was a lot of Hype for Devante Parker and people questioning if his extreme target share would continue.  We can go ahead and put this on to bed…


Keenan Allen – He is back! Go out and target him in your trades.  The passing game has been suffering of late, but I expect a positive reversion here and he is getting the targets.


Dez Bryant/Jason Witten – With the future of Zeke in question as well as the early season struggles the Cowboys have had a lot of people are low on Dez.  Jason Witten is in the same boat.  He keeps on doing it year in and year out. If the there is a shift to heavier reliance on the passing game expect Witten to get even more targets


Zach Ertz – This will be my I told you so for the year…  I had him at TE5 in my preseason rankings and told everyone to target him everywhere.  It seems to be a trend lately  for the young QBs to really heavily on their tight ends.


Cameron Brate – But what about OJ Howard… I heard he was AMAZING…  If you bought into the early season hype on OJ Howard in your redraft league then you are likely shaking your head about now.  Winston has a clear repour with Brate and is relying heavily on him in the passing game.  Expect Howard to continue in a pass blocking role for 2017.


Evan Engram – With the injuries to the Giants passing core Manning is throwing the ball to Engram a lot.  I expect when Sterling Shepard return you will be able to swing a trade for him saying that now that his “real” target is back his value has gone down.  I expect the volume to continue all season.


Alvin Kamara/Tarik Cohen – These two have played into roles just like Darren Sproles from years past.  They are both scary threats to opposing team’s defenses, but as of now they are too volatile to start in most redraft leagues.  In deeper leagues they are flex worthy.  That said they should be rostered and closely monitored in all formats.



And the Leading Wide Receiver is ???


There is a bunch of teams this year that either do not a have an elite receiver one or that have been riddled with injuries to the point where their leading receiver isn’t even a receiver.  See below for the most targeted player on each of the 32 Teams.


Blue – This one may surprise you

Red – This team spreads the ball out alot

Target Monsters – Target these guys everywhere



Arizona Cardinals:          Larry Fitzgerald  -  62(25%)

Atlanta Falcons:          Julio Jones  -  37(22%)

Baltimore Ravens:          Javorius Allen  -  28(15%)

Buffalo Bills:          LeSean McCoy  -  32(24%)

Carolina Panthers:          Christian McCaffrey  -  50(25%)

Chicago Bears:          Tarik Cohen  -  33(18%)

Cincinnati Bengals:          A.J. Green  -  51(34%)

Cleveland Browns:          Duke Johnson  -  36(16%)

Dallas Cowboys:          Dez Bryant  -  48(27%)

Denver Broncos:          Demaryius Thomas  -  44(25%)

Detroit Lions:          Golden Tate  -  47(21%)

Green Bay Packers:          Davante Adams  -  49(22%) <- Not Jordy

Houston Texans:          DeAndre Hopkins  -  65(35%)

Indianapolis Colts:          T.Y. Hilton  -  41(23%)

Jacksonville Jaguars:          Marqise Lee  -  40(24%) <- Not Hurns

Kansas City Chiefs:          Travis Kelce  -  44(24%)

Miami Dolphins:          Jarvis Landry  -  57(34%)

Minnesota Vikings:          Adam Thielen  -  53(27%) <- Not Diggs

New England Patriots:          Chris Hogan  -  41(18%)

New Orleans Saints:          Michael Thomas  -  43(24%)

New York Giants:          Odell Beckham Jr.  -  41(19%)

New York Jets:          Robby Anderson  -  41(22%)

Oakland Raiders:          Amari Cooper  -  39(22%) <- Not Crabtree

Philadelphia Eagles:          Zach Ertz  -  53(26%)

Pittsburgh Steelers:          Antonio Brown  -  74(34%)

Los Angeles Chargers:          Keenan Allen  -  61(27%)

Seattle Seahawks:          Doug Baldwin  -  39(22%)

San Francisco 49ers:          Pierre Garcon  -  56(24%)

Los Angeles Rams:          Robert Woods  -  37(20%)  <- Not Watkins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:          Mike Evans  -  48(24%)

Tennessee Titans:          Rishard Matthews  -  42(24%)

Washington Redskins:          Terrelle Pryor  -  29(18%)



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