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What’s up, Average Joe Nation?! I’m super pumped to start a brand new weekly series for The Hateful 8 Fantasy Football Podcast that will focus on your best weekly picks for DFS also known as Daily Fantasy Sports. Along with the best weekly picks, I’ll also be giving you some strategy tips and tricks for you DFS newbs out there or for those that are looking to step their game up. Now, for those that have never played DFS before, let me give you a quick breakdown.


Where can I play?

There are lots of platforms to play DFS on nowadays. Our favorite here at The Hateful 8 is because there are no salary caps which means you can pick any player that you want to make the best team that you possibly can. Other major platforms that I’ll mention in this article as well are Fanduel and DRAFT (Play Draft). Each platform has a different style and method for choosing players, but all are equally fun and can net you some major cash.


What’s the difference between FSM, DRAFT, and FanDuel?

I already mentioned Fantasy Sports Markets where you can pick your team and put whoever you want on your roster because you don’t have to worry about salary caps or a draft selection process. Basically, you’re trying to pick the players that you think will do the best at each position. Fanduel, on the other hand, does use salary caps so you will have to build the best possible lineup that will still fit within your budget. DRAFT does not use salary caps, but you do have to draft against other players in most games that they host so you have to taken draft strategy into account like should you draft the QB to their WR1 and vice versa.


Here’s Some Terms You Need to Know

One of the key terms that you’ll hear with DFS is called the slate which is the slate of games that will occur and count in your DFS game that you are playing. I will most often refer to the main slate which is all the games that take place on Sunday including Sunday Night Football, but there are also slates that include Thursday night games as well as Monday night games. There’s even a primetime slate that includes only Sunday night and Monday night games which gives you less options so it is somewhat easier but makes it harder to be contrarian. Speaking of contrarian, that is another term that you’ll hear in the DFS world. Essentially, you’re trying to guess the best lineup that will score the most points, but finding those players that score high that not everyone may have thought of is being contrarian and it’s those picks that earn you big time cash in DFS.


Yes, There Are Different Game Types

Speaking of earning cash, let’s talk about the different game types there are in DFS. The main game type at Fantasy Sports Markets is Best Team which is pretty self-explanatory, but they also have Top Performers games as well where you guess the top three performers at a certain skill position. FanDuel has some variations on their game types, but the two that we will focus on are Cash games and tournament games which are also called GPP’s or Grand Prize Pools and those are where people win the big money. Cash games include double-ups and triple-ups where you play against a small group where everyone puts money in and the people that finish in the top half double or triple their money while those who finish in the bottom half lose their money. GPP’s are the huge games where thousands of people play, but if you do well enough to place then you can net some serious cash in the thousands. DRAFT primarily has 6 player draft style games, but they’ve recently introduced tournament round style games as well as dream team games which are similar to FSM’s Best Team game type.


Basic Strategy

We’ll get into some more advanced strategy as the season progresses, but here are some major points that you need to know. First tip is one of my dad’s favorite sayings, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” In other words, do not be afraid to have multiple lineups on multiple platforms and in multiple formats. The most lucrative DFS players out there have dozens of lineups each week that are all different and feature different players. Remember, it only takes one lineup to hit big and net you a profit.


Second, know when to be contrarian and when to be play it safe. For example, in cash games, you’re going to want to focus more on a lineup with players who have a safe floor. It doesn’t matter if you finish in the top-5 because you’re just trying to finish in the top half to double or even triple your money so high floor players are key. Another example is to shoot for upside and be contrarian in GPP’s. Thousands of people are making lineups in that same GPP that you are in and the only way that you are going to win is to find those picks with the high upside that hit and if you can formulate a lineup with some top performers and some sneaky low-owned starters that have a huge week then you’ll be rolling in the dough.


Last tip (for now), HAVE. FUN. Sure, it’s awesome to earn some cash in DFS, but the beauty of DFS is the thrill and fun that comes with generating your lineups and cheering for your teams, but also for yourself every week. Never ever forget that fantasy football, including DFS, is supposed to be fun and if it’s not fun for you then don’t play it. DFS just isn’t for some people and that’s okay. You can stick to the classics, but DFS is the future of fantasy in my humble opinion and I encourage you all to at least give it a try!


Any Questions?

Hopefully, this will shed some light on the DFS world if you are unfamiliar or maybe you learned something knew if you have played before. I’ll be back soon with my Week 1 picks, but if you have any questions or want any advice then feel free to hit me up on Twitter ( @JEStoneTH8FF ) or you can also hit up any of the Hateful 8 FF Crew ( @thehateful8FF ) like Pickle ( @JPickleTH8FF ), Thacker ( @JThackerTH8FF ), Blackburn ( @JBlackburnTH8FF ), the other writers ( @timjablonski , @ryandcal , @drivingforce23 ), or the best software developer out there ( @maatspencer ). Also, be sure to subscribe, rate, and review the pod wherever you listen!



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