Weekly What The?

September 2, 2017

 The outlier or the norm either positive or negative game results!


Week 1 Preview:


I’d like to introduce my yearlong segment where each week I will pick several individual or Team performances either positive or negative results. Then explore what if anything should be done Fantasy wise with those players. Overreacting and or not reacting quick enough can spell doom for your season. Every year there are waiver wire moves, or trades that either boost your team positively or negatively for the rest of the season. We end up panicking and dropping or trading our guys because of a few bad games. Spending your number one waiver priority on guys that have that outlier game that will never be reproduced. My goal is to make sense out of some of that and help you make better decisions for the long haul. Since this is a preview article let’s move into some of the players/games I'll be keeping an eye on with intrigue. 


First off, I'll be watching for what Blake Bortles does this weekend. I believe he is an undervalued fantasy asset, He needs to keep the starting job for that to be valid. Currently his ADP is mid to high 20's ADP amongst quarterbacks which puts him mostly undrafted, 2016 his "terrible season" he finished the season ranked 8/9 depending on scoring settings, in 2015 he ranked 4th regardless of scoring settings.  This year they added help on the offensive line by locking up their center long term and drafting a tackle in the second round.  They drafted Leonard Fournette in the first round who should help open up the passing game.  Bortles' running ability goes unnoticed but he averages about 350 yards on the ground each year which also boosts his value, and he worked on his throwing mechanics in the offseason. Going undrafted in a lot of leagues he needs to be rostered in deep leagues and watched closely in all others. 


Some of the other stuff I'll be watching this weekend includes: Is Sterling Shepard a Marshall retirement away from producing or can he produce as the number 3 receiver, will Ty Montgomery live up to the hype or will it be a full blown committee in Green Bay, will Martavius Bryant be a boom bust player or consistently productive week in and week out, does Jordan Howard continue his success or take a step back with no help around him on offense, there are 3 rookie RB's ranked inside the top 40 overall is this an overreaction after Zeke and Howard last year or will they produce those types of numbers, will the often injured Rob Gronkowski/Jordan Reed/Kennan Allen or Sammy Watkins finally stay healthy and award their owners the great potential they all have? I'll be watching for clues in week 1 as to which direction these questions trend towards among many other things. 


Week to week I'll be monitoring great games and poor games and giving my advice on what to do if anything when those happen, I'll also be monitoring all the questions across the NFL that we all had this offseason to see how they all play out during the season. Hopefully you enjoy the weekly content this upcoming season. Our other writers put out great weekly content as well check them out, Jonathan Stone @JEStoneTH8FF on twitter, Ryan Calver @ryandcal on twitter, Tim Jablonski @TimJablonski on twitter, also our Software developer Matt Spencer @Maatspencer on twitter. Lastly checkout the Podcast the thing that makes this all possible. The best podcast around

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