Risky Fantasy Business: Part 1

 Don’t worry. You’re not going to find Tom Cruise or anybody dancing in their underwear in this article. What you should find are the players that will either wreck your fantasy team and make you the league laughing stock or the players that no one else would have bet on and who will carry you on their shoulders to your fantasy championship. This is not to say that you should avoid any of the players that you see here, but you should think long and hard about this pick before you make it. These are the riskiest picks of the first five rounds. Consider yourself warned.


Round 1 - Odell Beckham Jr. (ADP 1.06)

Normally, OBJ is a lock for a Top-3 WR to finish out the year, but his recent ankle injury gives me pause for concern. I’m not saying to not draft him. However, the possibility of using your first round pick on a player that could miss the first one or two games of the season is definitely a risky proposition. The other nasty part about ankle sprains and lower leg injuries in general is that they tend to linger, especially in WRs so there is no telling what trouble this could cost you down the road. However, there aren’t many other WRs that offer you the game changing ability that OBJ does. Risky pick, indeed.


Round 2 - Ezekiel Elliott (ADP 2.05)

With all the news that has been flying around Zeke lately, little needs to be said here. Ultimately, this will come down to whether or not you believe in your ability to get by with other RBs until Zeke returns. You’re missing out on essentially half a fantasy season from your second round pick which granted will give you a very good playoff run, but if you lose too many to start then your playoff run will be over before it even begins. If you do decide to take the risk, however, then you can probably find some later-round insurance with one of the Tampa Bay backs or preferably, Darren McFadden himself.


Round 3 - DeAndre Hopkins (ADP 3.06)

There is no denying the talent and sheer athletic ability of Hopkins, but at what point does the situation and surrounding talent outweigh his own? Hopkins is stuck in one of the worse situations in the NFL with all the talent in the world, but his QB options are sub par and there aren’t any other WRs in Houston to take the heat off of him, much less a run game that can do so either. The entire offense has to take a step forward for Nuke to have value even close to his draft stock and it certainly is a risk to take him in the third round.


Round 4 - Carlos Hyde (ADP 4.06)

If you’re curious to know why Carlos Hyde made this list then I invite you to see his injury history since he’s been playing in the NFL as well as the rumors from earlier on in this off-season where there was speculation that he would even make the roster. Hyde has had a long history of injury problems that has prevented him from playing a full season plus he now has two very capable RBs behind him in Hightower and Williams which the coaching staff seem to prefer over Hyde for now. Hyde is a risk mainly for the injury history, but also because there are many other players that I would much rather spend my fourth round pick on.


Round 5 - Allen Robinson (ADP 5.02)

For the main reasons why Robinson made this list, see Deandre Hopkins above. Robinson has a boatload of talent, but is severely capped by a struggling offense that wants to run the ball more and a QB that is not only capping his production, but is crushing the soul of the offense at this point. I have never seen a more disheartened team than the Jacksonville Jaguars look right now with Blake Bortles behind center. If the Jags make a change at QB then I love A-Rob’s upside, but Bortles has to be removed from this team if they are going to see any significant change.


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ADP Data courtesy of Fantasy Football Calculator for 12-man PPR leagues.


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