Best Ball 101


What’s up, Average Joe Nation? There is a new type of fantasy football that is sweeping the community called “best ball” and some people are considering it the future of fantasy football. There are lots of different apps and websites, including, that host these best ball or best team leagues.


For those of you who have know idea what I’m talking about or how it works, here’s a quick breakdown. Scoring depends on the system that you’re playing on, but most are either half-PPR or full-PPR. The main thing to know about best ball leagues is that no roster adjustments will be made throughout the season. The system automatically submits your highest scoring lineup based on all the players that you have drafted. For all intensive purposes, you draft and then your done.


With that being said, here are some strategies that will come in handy when you decide to participate in some best ball leagues:


Drafting Upside vs. Floor

The main strategy, which is probably obvious, is to draft upside over floor. Now, I’m not saying to not worry about floor at all, but you do need to mix in more upside as the draft goes on. Personally, I prefer to draft my first three or four rounds as I normally would and then I aim for upside over floor, especially in double digit rounds. The boom/bust players are valuable in this format because if they bust then the points from your floor plays count and if they boom then you have just had a great week.


Bye Week Priorities

Because you draft your team and there are no roster moves during the season, it is absolutely imperative to manage your bye week situation with your rostered players. If you draft a bunch of great players but they all have a bye on the same week then you could run into some serious problems.


Roster Construction

Again, no roster moves does affect how you draft in this league type. For me, I prefer to draft 2-3 QBs, 3-5 RBs, 4-6 WRs, and 2-3 TEs. Most best ball leagues that I draft in do not use a Team DEF or Kicker, but I will also draft 1-2 of each of those. Now these are not strict guidelines, but recommendations in order to have a well-balanced team that can get you the most points possible. This is dependent on having 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, and 1 TE as your starters as well.


These are just a few strategies to get you started in the world of best ball leagues, but I will warn you that it is a very addicting world to jump into to. Imagine having as many draft days as you could possibly want.


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