Win the Draft: The Method to My Madness... (Part II)

Many of you have already downloaded our 2017 Draft Load out, but if you haven't be sure to check it out.  It is packed full of custom features for your league.

Its been asked a ton of times so here it is... The method to my madness.  This is guide on how to use the software to win your draft!



Link to Part I


Step 3: Developing Rankings

Other than the ability to use fully custom scoring, this is the portion of the app that will separate you from your peers the most...  I say this because if you have custom scoring even just PPR instead of Standard it vastly changes the way you need to rank the players before your draft.  If a league mate is using a Standard ADP based draft board you will beat them in the draft hands down.


1. The first thing you will want to do is go to the page the called Custom Rankings (Preseason Planner -> Draft Planning -> Customizable Cheat Sheets).



2. In the drop down you will see several rankings systems.  We have PPR and Standard from Fantasy Football Calculator's ADP Data, several systems from The Hateful 8 FF Podcast, and two deep systems.  It is recommended that you start with one of the deep systems and do a save-as on it to develop your own rankings.  If you want you can totally bypass Step 3 and more forward with a preset.



4. You need to make your adjustments to the rankings.  For this example lets say that money bags Derek Carr is clearly the number 1 QB since he is getting paid number 1.  Click "Move Up" a few times to get him up there.



5. Once you have made all the changes you want click save.  Please note that on this dialog I included an option to reset the rankings by clicking No. 



6. This process will need to be repeated for all positions and all scoring systems.


7. As you develop your rankings please explore the "Players Menu".  I have several tools implemented in there already to help you evaluate how you have your players ranked.  I mentioned this in Part I, but here it is again; All of the scoring in the tools get updated when you change "Scoring Settings". Here is my process:

    * On any players with 3 years of experience or more I go straight to the "Player Trend Analysis".  You have to ask yourself first if there have been any major changes to the player's status that will make this method of analysis invalid.  A player like OBJ or Mike Evans can be analyzed perfectly like this, but some one like David Johnson or Blount cannot.


    * On players that do not fit into the mold I mentioned above you can do 1 of 2 things.  You can go to the "Advanced Player Comparison" Tool to compare the player in question to another player.  A good example here is Marshawn Lynch can be compared to Latavius Murray's 2016 stats to see how he may do with an improved Raider's O-Line instead of when he was with the Seahawks.  Your second option is to use the "Historical Player Data Browser to try and find a player in history that is similar to the one you are analyzing.


Be creative! I have posted a several articles on the Player ranking tools on the site as well for a more detailed writeup.  


Link to Part III


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