To Flex or Not To Flex

Do you even flex, bro? Well if you don’t then you should. A flex spot in your fantasy league is a must-have because there’s nothing like adding a whole other layer of strategy into your game as well as adding the FLEXibility to start another player for your team. See what I did there? Good. Now, the real question is who do you throw in that flex spot? This is not a decision to be made lightly. Matchups and even championships are won because of that one extra starting position on your team. Here are some helpful strategies for your flex spot that should help you win your league!


Play the Matchups

This probably goes without saying, but your flex spot is the prime location to play one of your mid-round guys who has a favorable matchup. If you’ve got a RB3 that is going up against the league’s 30th ranked run defense then use your flex spot to sneak him into your lineup. The odds that they’re going to get you at least 10 points is high and I’ll take that from anyone I’m starting in my flex.


Hedge Your Bets

One of my personal favorite strategies when using my flex spot is to look at my opponent’s lineup. Don’t be afraid to start the WR2 or WR3 that’s on the same team as your opponent’s starting QB. Of course, this is no guarantee that your flex player will earn you a good amount of points, but if you can neutralize some of your opponent’s scoring then you stand a greater chance of winning your matchup. That is how championships are won.


Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

Another helpful flex strategy is to employ offensive stacks on your team. If you’re starting Big Ben (playing at Home, not Away) and you think there’s enough fantasy points to go around, don’t shy away from starting Martavis Bryant or even Heyward-Bey. Offensive stacking is a more boom/bust strategy so I would only recommend it if you’re the underdog in the matchup and need big numbers to win. However, it can still prove very fruitful when used correctly.


Keep Your Eye On the Clock

In the last podcast episode, you heard Pickle and Blackburn talk about how they love starting Sunday/Monday night players and I’m the same way. Nothing beats the feeling of going into a Sunday night or Monday night game with the matchup already won. Well, the only thing that could beat that is pulling out the comeback victory with one of those players. Definitely use your flex spot to your advantage when it comes to those later games.


When it comes to exactly who you should start in your flex spot then it ultimately boils down to your league’s scoring settings. Another great way to know is to use our in-season tools with The Hateful 8 draft loadout software and you can also check out the flex rankings on Now go forth and flex like there’s no tomorrow!


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